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"I Didn't Know Acupuncture Did That?!": The Women's Health Edition

Acupuncture may be the missing link that can support you and your health challenges. Women have reported a number of benefits from acupuncture treatments. Often, sessions come with unexpected side benefits, too! Maybe you came in for your migraine headaches. Following your sessions, the headaches have decreased and you've also noticed you're sleeping better, stressful situations seem easier to handle, life feels a little lighter and on top of it all, you're less bloated. That's a win!

Some conditions that may benefit from an acupuncture approach include:

PMS & Painful periods: These are common complaints, and many women are surprised to hear that these conditions are not normal. You don't have to live with cramps!

Endometriosis: Acupuncture, in conjunction with nourishing nutrition, can have a profound impact on people who are suffering from this painful condition.

PCOS: This is another one of those diagnosis that is so very common. There are drug free alternatives, like Acupuncture, that can really help women with PCOS.

Fertility Struggles: Whether you are struggling to conceive naturally, or looking for support on your assisted fertility journey (IUI, IVF, etc). Acupuncture has been shown to improve outcomes. I can't tell you how amazing it is when a couple I have been working with gets the great news they have been waiting for.

Insomnia: Your body needs sleep to function, repair, and do all the amazing things you do each day! Acupuncture sessions are deeply relaxing and balancing. Better sleep can lead to better health, a better outlook on life, and better responses to stress.

Pregnancy Related Complaints: Low back pain, pelvic pain, nausea, morning sickness...the list can go on and on. And, if you used some sort of medication to address these things pre-pregnancy, that might not be an option anymore. Acupuncture can help manage these and other pregnancy related conditions.

Hot flashes: This is another women's health issue that can go under the "Common, but you don't have to suffer through it" category. Acupuncture, along with nutrition and lifestyle tips, may greatly improve many of the common conditions associated with menopause.

Curious if acupuncture is right for you? Dr. Emily is always open to answering your questions before you schedule your first appointment. Call or text 216-970-1273 to get in touch. Appointments can be booked online here:

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