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Your Personalized Fertility Plan

The internet is full of not-so-helpful information when it comes to getting pregnant: It sounds like some women are exercising too much, while many are not exercising enough; Some couples are not having enough sex, and apparently other couples may be having too much sex (Say what?!); Eat this, eat that, take this vitamin, definitely don't take those, maybe take these, drink more water, but only special fertility goddess water bottled in glass from a trickling mountain spring in Switzerland...Super clear, right?! Not so much....

The Goldilocks "Juuuust right" formula for fertility is not on the shelves at Whole Foods. The perfect list of get pregnant life hacks has not been written. Just because something worked for your always-preggo co-worker or Meghan Markle, does not mean that it is the best plan for you.

Your unique health history, biochemistry, physical structure, and energy requires a personalized approach to fostering your optimal fertility. Let's break that down: Through lab work, a detailed history, and an exam that addresses things like pelvic balance and energy flow, a personalized and empowered plan can be put into place. Specific steps that you can take at home and in-office treatments (using tools like acupuncture, gentle hands-on chiropractic and visceral work for your organs and ligaments) can help promote overall balance and health. Our aim is to give your body what it needs in order to function how it was made to function.

Dr. Emily is available to address any questions over the phone about this functional whole person approach to fertility: 216-970-1273. Insurance and affordable self pay options are available.

Appointments can be made online:

For new fertility patients, select the "First Visit-Functional Health" option.

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